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Yaupon Tea

The Yaupon Holly grows wild in the Southeast U.S.A. especially here in parts of Texas. The leaves are used to make a naturally caffeinated, healthy tea with a familiar flavor that we all love. Hand-picked, roasted, and packaged with care in eco-friendly packaging by myself with attention and dedication to the land in which it grows.

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Forest Girl aka Racheal Balliu RN

After being an ER nurse for 13 years, I've committed to turning my passion into a business. 

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Where it comes from 

American Tea-Wild Crafted in Texas

I became interested in Foraging and Wild food many years ago and immediately fell in love with Yaupon. Luckily, this shrub-like plant grows wild on family land. Needing no fertilizer or pesticide it's an all-natural caffeine boost. Regular Tea and Coffee are grown across the world in often subpar conditions.  With Forest Girl-Wild American Tea you can feel confident in what you're drinking!

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