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The Forest Girl Story

Born along the Mississippi River in Illinois, I have been a Texan for 32 years. I have always been an outdoor enthusiast, starting with Girl Scout camps and summers spent reading in trees. 


After becoming a young mother to wonderful boys, I attended Nursing school. As an RN, I've been working in the ER for the past 13 years.


Throughout the years, our little family camped, fished, swam, hiked, and enjoyed the outdoors. My interest grew and grew about the plants around me. I started studying, cataloging, and learning about the food growing wild in Nature, with a special love for Yaupon. 


In my free time, I became a Spring Creek Greenway Ambassador. I also volunteered with Plant it Forward and Finca Tres Robles Urban Farms. I continue to extensively study foraging and becoming Texas Master Naturalist. 


I've decided to bring my passion for wildcrafting and share my love of Yaupon with everyone! 

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